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Q&A With Chris Colfer

Chris Colfer does a Q&A with fans working as extras for the Homecoming scene, July 22, 2011
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Chris: I am so nervous that you guys are all here, because I was telling someone in make-up, but usually when we have people come out it’s for all of us in Glee, but now it’s just me asking for you guys to come out. So thank you so, so much. We can’t afford extras, so you’re our extras. So we hope you guys have a good time and I think maybe we’ll do a Q & A or something later.

Chris: [Does anyone have] any questions? About anything?
Q: What’s your favourite colour?
A: Blue.
Q: What would be your dream role to play on Broadway?
A: Ooh! Well, Next To Normal’s closed, but I would’ve loved to have played the son in that. Um, I dunno. I mean obviously I would love to be… *mic dies; sound guy fixes it* Even the mic doesn’t want to listen to me. Um, I mean I’ve told Disney if they ever do Pinocchio, that they know who to call.
Q: What do you hope people take away from this movie?
A: I hope people are just inspired by this movie, because I think a lot of movies that are made for kids in our generation are just about kids that wanna get laid or wanna do drugs or wanna be cool and popular. And my character doesn’t want any of those things, my character just wants to get the hell out of this town. So as of right now, I hope it just inspires kids to keep going and use their voice.
Q: What’s your spirit animal?
A: My spirit animal is actually our script supervisor, Bridgette Kelley, who is over there in one of the blue tents. So everybody, give it up for Bridget! But I’m probably a mix between a llama and a sea monkey.
Q: How are your sea monkeys doing?
A: They’re dead… Okay, we’re ready!


Chris: [I’ll introduce to] you guys the cast of the movie. So first, we have Miss Rebel, who is playing my sidekick and partner-in-crime in the writing club. And then we have Carter Jenkins, [who plays] a very wealthy student who employs all of our parents. And then we have- where is Graham? There’s Graham somewhere, who is the very flamboyant Seth Thomas of the drama department. And then we have Miss Sarah Hyland from Modern Family who is playing the queen bitch, Claire. And then we have Ashley Rickards, playing Vicky. She was up there, smoking. And next, Matt who plays Dwayne, the boy who enjoys his… supplements? And Roberto, who is playing the foreign exchange student. And I think [I’ve got everybody]… Robbie? Oh, Robbie, yes! But you’re a jock; I don’t care about you. And then Allie Grant is playing Remy, the high-strung yearbook editor… And, uh, yeah… Did you all see Ashley Fink from Glee?
Q: Duet!
A: We off duty, we off duty. Don’t worry, our concert comes out in, like, two weeks. Any questions?
Q: Was it hard to come out?
A: Yeah. Uh, Chelsea Handler.
Q: What would you see in the Mirror of Erised?
A: I dunno. Good question. Well, I’ve probably– I’ve already seen myself in the mirror looking like this…
Q: Do you know how amazing you are? [*fans cheer*]
A: I’m soaking all this up!
Q: [Is this the first thing you’ve ever written?]
A: Yes, yes, first thing that I’ve ever written. You’re looking at it. Yeah. Thank you! Thank you for being a part of it.
Q: Who’s writing the facebook page?
A: Oh! Me, when I remember. But all of the characters have twitter accounts, so follow those. Those are written by me. I don’t post them, but they’re written by me.
Q: Do you realize this is probably gonna go down in history like Star Trek or The Prisoner or one of those shows?
A: I’m sorry?
Q: It’s probably gonna have a history like Star Trek or The Prisoner or one of those shows?
A: What will?
Q: The classics?
A: What will go down in history?
Q: You, your character in Glee.
A: Oh, I hope so! I mean, yeah, that’s one of the best parts about playing a character like him.
Q: Who’s your celebrity crush?
A: You know, I can’t answer this because I see celebrities everywhere, so I can’t. ‘Cause that’d be really awkward if I said it and then I would see them.
Q: Or awesome!
A: Awkward.
Q: Can I high-five you?
A: Uh, sure! Oh, maybe not. Security’s telling me no.
Q: If there was a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?
A: Well, Meryl Streep can do anything. As soon as she’s done playing Margaret Thatcher in Iron Lady, she hopes to play Chris Colfer.
Q: She won’t be as good as you!
A: She’ll be better.
Q: Have you seen all the Starkid plays or just the first one?
A: All I’ve seen is the first one.
Q: You need to watch the sequel! It’s better!
A: Or maybe I’ve seen the sequel. I can’t remember.
Q: Have you seen Umbridge or Voldemort?
A: Voldemort. Oh! But – oh! I don’t know if – she might kill me for saying this, but Lauren Lopez is actually in the movie.
Q: Did you [base this off] Clovis East High School?
A: Kinda sorta. It’s not really based on Clovis East, but – just basically the name is, I’d say. But the story isn’t autobiographic.
Q: What’s your life motto?
A: My life motto? Don’t trip.
Q: [*Question unintelligible*].
A: Oh, um, my grandmother used to make me sing at her church during Sunday, but I never wanted to.
Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring actors?
A: Keep going.
Q: What’s the movie about?
A: It’s called Struck By Lightning and it’s about a student who gets struck by lightning and killed, and then the rest of the movie is sarcastic, narrative flashbacks of his last years in high school. He gets to narrate his own funeral. How cool is that?
Q: Favourite Adele song?
A: Ooh! I love [Set Fire To The Rain], I love Someone Like You…
Q: What was your favourite song to sing in Glee?
A: Defying Gravity will always be really… really sentimental. I loved Rose’s Turn, though. That was a lot of fun. And Some People, that was fun.
Q: [As If We Never Said Goodbye!]
A: Ooh, Sunset Boulevard!
Q: Have you ever been starstruck?
A: Oh, everywhere I go, yeah. Absolutely… Yeah, too many stories to be socially acceptable.
Q: Are you sick of the Single Ladies dance?
A: No! We just had the Glee tour; I’m done with it.
Q: How was meeting Adam Kolkin?
A: Oh, he’s great, he’s great. He’s in this movie, too… I was so proud of him. He was so great. He plays Young Carson. He’s great.
Q: What’s your dream role?
A: Like, ever? This one that I’m doing right now.
Q: Favourite city to do a Klaine skit in?
A: Hmmm. We had so much material in London. I liked the one where I was throwing the plates. People thought I went insane, but… they were right.
Q: Did you know Darren was gonna kiss you on the Glee tour?
A: I had no idea. No idea. No, He totally laid one on me.
Q: Was it okay, though?
A: It was hysterical.
Q: Was it tough to [decide to] submit Grilled Cheesus?
A: Yeah, it really was. Last year, it was really easy ‘cause I had like one good episode to submit. And this year it was really, really tough. But I couldn’t really choose it myself, because I would sit there and watch it and criticize myself to the bone, so someone else chose it for me and I went with it.
Q: What Broadway musical would you love to be in?
A: I would love to have been in Next To Normal, but it’s closed.
Q: How was it working with Kristin Chenoweth?
A: Oh, she’s fantastic. Great. Yeah, she’s this big bundle of energy.
Q: Is she really nice?
A: Yes. She’s a sweetheart, yeah.
Q: What’s your favourite movie ever?
A: My favourite movie ever? Ooh, I could never choose, but I love– Have you guys seen Stardust? I love Notes On A Scandal, and I love X-Men.
Q: What was your favourite memory from the tour?
A: I loved surprising the audience every night, with the skits [and] all that.
Q: First, congratulations on your nomination.
A: Thank you!
Q: What’s your idea for what Kurt’s gonna do in Season 3?
A: Oh, I dunno. Graduate. They say that he is gonna be really funny this season, so I’m looking forward to that, ‘cause Kurt’s very sad in most episodes.
Q: Who’s the biggest prankster on the Glee set?
A: Probably Amber. She – oh, God – she recorded me on the treadmill once and posted it on twitter, she would write love letters, love notes and pretend she was Lea.
Q: I made you a present. Who do I give it to?
A: Oh, someone, I guess. Anyone with a walkie in their ear.
Q: What Hogwarts house would you be in?
A: What Hogwarts house would I be in. Okay, listen. After much consideration, okay, of course I wanna be in Gryffindor, but I really– I’m in Ravenclaw. Yeah.
Q: If you could do a duet with anyone, who would you pick?
A: Oooh. Um, Polly Bergen, who’s playing my grandmother in this movie. She - okay, she is the funniest woman I’ve ever met in my life, and she’s eighty-one years old, and has the quickest wit of anyone I’ve ever met. She is awesome.
Q: How do you feel about the possibility of Darren Criss taking Daniel Radcliffe’s spot in How To Succeed in Business?
A: I think he’ll do great. Yeah. Great. I’ll go see him.
Q: [What’s your favourite Disney song]?
A: Oh my God. Yikes, I dunno. When You Wish Upon A Star.
Q: Can you sing it for us?
A: No.
Q: Thank you for the letter and thank you for signing it.
A: Oh, you’re welcome! Thank you so much for coming!
Q: What is your vocal range?
A: High? I’ve never measured it, but– I dunno, it’s pretty wide, I think.
Q: What? What was the question?
A: My vocal range! Oh, that could’ve been awkward.
Q: What’s your favourite TV show, besides Glee?
A: I love Nurse Jackie, and I love, love Modern Family… Wherever she is. [Shout-out, Sarah, shout-out!] I dunno, I can’t think of any right now. Okay, you’re going to make fun of me, but Finding Sarah on OWN…
A: One person! No, I loved Oprah Behind The Scenes. Have you seen it? Oh, God, it’s so good!
Q: What’s your favourite Disney Channel show?
A: My favourite Disney Channel show? It will be The Little Leftover Witch, coming soon! Do you remember So Weird? And then they took it away.
Q: Your favourite Kurt line?
A: Oh, yikes, I can’t even remember all of them! Um, I loved–
Q: “You look like a technicolour zebra!”
A: You know, that was actually mine, I ad-libbed that one? I loved it when he looked at Rachel and said, “Oh, I’ve missed your insanity.” Um, yeah, he’s had some good ones. What’s your favourite Kurt line?
Q: “She’s dead, this is her son!”
A: Oh, right, “She’s dead, this is her son.” Ryan stole that from me, I said that.
Q: What’s your favourite Broadway musical?
A: Okay, Wicked will always have a soft spot for me because it’s the first thing I ever saw. I love Sweeney Todd, and I love Next To Normal. I loved Sister Act. I haven’t seen The Book of Mormon yet, but I’m sure I’ll love it.
Q: What is the one Glee song that you’re sick of singing?
A: Don’t Stop Believing. No, it’s great, it’s wonderful to perform, but just hearing it… It’s funny, whenever – we go out as a group, we’ll go out to dinner and they’ll start playing it, and we’ll just look at the manager and be like, “Really? Really?”
Q: If you had a llama, what would you name it?
A: [Steven]. No, no, it would be, like, Cornelius.
Q: Do you canoe?
A: Do I canoe? On occasion.

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