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A fansite for the Brian Dannelly/Chris Colfer film,
Struck by Lightning.

First Trailer for STRUCK BY LIGHTNING Starring and Written By GLEE’s Chris Colfer

Even those who quickly grew weary with Glee maintain their love for Chris Colfer. So we are all watching closely with Struck by Lightning, which is not only Colfer’s feature debut, but also his first produced script. The first trailer has dropped, and there is definite promise. Colfer’s writing is clearly influenced by his day job, given the story’s focus on what it means to be an outcast in high school. But Colfer smartly crafted a different kind of high school outcast for himself, one who wants to be the editor of The New Yorker rather than a Broadway star. This ambition leads the character to, as he puts it, “blackmail the entire school to better my chances of getting into the school of my dreams.  And it’s exhilarating.” Rebel WilsonSarah HylandAllison JanneyDermot MulroneyChristina HendricksAllie Grant, and Angela Kinsey also star in Struck by Lightning, directed by Brian Dannelly (Pushing Daisies). 

February 18, 2012 - Collider

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